We made a big collection of poe builds, you can browse them bellow and they are split by classes and ascendancy, they are updated after each new league start. We added markers so you know what poe build is good for league starters and what are cheap and expensive builds and if they are viable in the standard league or could work in hardcore too.

Each of the links is to the main forum where there is a detailed description and guide how to use it and if you need currencies for path of exile you are in the right place, the current builds are for the new heist league.

path of exile witch builds

PoE Witch Builds

PoE Necromancer Build is one of the most popular in the entire game mostly because of the summoning and minions skills and the ascendancy necromancer.

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PoE Occultist Build is a witch ascendacy class that uses mostly curses and cold spells, she has dots with chaos damage and some defence abilities for energy shield.

PoE Elementalist Build uses mostly elemental damage like the name suggests like brands, bolts, lightning, fire, cold, she can be a golem summoner too but is mostly used for fast firing spells like arc.

path of exile ranger builds

PoE Ranger builds

PoE Deadeye Builds uses mainly bow skills like tornado shot, scourge arrow, ice shot and impale, she has some pasive abilities like piercing and chain too.

PoE Raider Build uses mostly flicker strikes, frenzy skills, and is oriented on attach speed and to avoid attacks.

PoE Pathfinder Build uses poison and chaos damage mostly, this ascendancy is also focused on flask and making them stronger.

path of exile marauder build

PoE Marauder Builds

PoE Juggernaut Build is primarily a tank and uses skill like earthshatter, dominating blow, molten strike attack.

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PoE Berseker Build is a glass cannon ascension class that hits hard but gets hurt fast and is critical oriented.

PoE Chieftain Build uses mostly flame attacks and totems, skills are bladeblast, flame cyclone, dragon breath.

paht of exile templar builds

PoE Templar Builds

PoE Inquisitor Build uses brands, shields, righteous fire and is well-balanced ascension, he is focused in elemental damage.

PoE Hierophant Build is mainly totem focus but can cast spells good too, he has a mixed damage type.

PoE Guardian Build is a tank/support class that uses auras and other support skills to help allies.

path of exile shadow builds

PoE Shadow Builds

PoE Assassin Build is using strong critical attacks and is not defensively oriented, skills used flicker strike, poison attack and novas.

PoE Sabatour Build is a minelayer and trapper, he uses mostly mines and traps to kill his enemies.

PoE Trickster Build is a hybrid ascendancy class that can cast spells and gets various defens bonuses.

path of exile duelist builds

PoE Duelist Builds

PoE Slayer Build is a melee skill user with strong attacks and uses life leech.

 PoE Gladiator Build is strong both for attacking and defending and uses closes combat skills he mostly dual wields weapons.

PoE Champion Build uses bleed attacks, taunts, fortify and is a good tank.

path of exile scion builds

PoE Scion Builds

In path of exile scion class does not have to specialise in the ascendancy but is very flexible by getting access to almost all other strong specialisations from other classes but a weaker version.