Divine Orb - New Main Currency PoE

Divine Orb - New Main Currency PoE

13th Aug 2022

Path of Exile has long had its player-driven economy run by the two most significant currency items 'Chaos Orbs' and 'Exalted Orbs'.

In the upcoming season, Lake of Kalandra, GGG has decided to make a massive change to the currency market.

The developers have made the decision to switch around the utility for Exalted Orbs and Divine Orbs, which have an equally low drop chance.

So is the Exalted Orb dead? No, not dead, as it still has some utility, but Divine Orbs are the new major currency.

So Is Divine Orb the new main currency? Yes, Divine Orbs will replace Exalted Orbs as the main currency.

They have also removed the ability to trade 6 link items for divine orbs, making it even harder to obtain Divine Orbs.

What does this mean for Divine Orbs?

The changes that have been made so far in the latest patch are likely going to make it much harder to acquire Divine Orbs.

So given the fact that they are removing the 6 link vendor recipe, and there are fewer divination cards for Divine Orbs, the price of a single Divine Orbs could be higher than previous Exalted Orbs.

If you're looking for information on what the upcoming changes are and how they might impact the market, check out this video that breaks down the changes.

How can I farm Divine Orbs?

In Patch 3.19, Lake of Kalandra update, GGG have removed the 6 link vendor recipe for the Divine Orb so you now must grind harder to get them.

There are now two ways to farm Divine Orbs.

  • Killing Monsters, destroying chests and opening Strongboxes - The drop level is 35 and pretty rare, this is the same drop rate as Exalted Orbs.
  • Divine Orb Divination Card - Drops from Dominus, Ascendant, The Hallowed Husk, The High Templar, etc..

Other than these ways, farming Divine Orbs is going to be much harder in the latest patch.

Where can I buy Divine Orbs?

When it comes to the new currency in Path of Exile, it's going to be quite difficult to grind out the Divine Orbs for some time.

If you're not looking forward to grind 50+ hours to get a drop, you may look to trade other in-game items for them, or you might want to purchase them.

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