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John 12 Oct 0 4987
In Path of Exile, players can acquire equipment and various currency items through the vendor recipe system by selling certain items to one of the vendors in town. A mix of multiple items or semi-specific items are placed into a sell window and a fin..
John 11 Oct 0 1541
Path of Exile maps, or end-game maps, represent the main type of endgame content. When players complete the PoE storyline, at level 65-70, they gain access to maps and new areas to run. They can be placed in a map device (a world object) where they a..
11 Oct 0 1285
New & Active Leagues and Previous Leagues in Path of ExileWhen you create a character in Path of Exile, you choose a league for that character to exist in. A single character can only belong to one league at any time and, can't interact with characte..
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