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We are selling Orb of Fusing for Path of Exile, we will deliver the fusing orbs to you ingame after the purchase. Our offer works on all platforms like PC, PlayStation, Xbox and most leagues that are available in poe.

To purchase Orbs of Fusing, select your league and enter your ingame name, after that increase the quantity to how much you would like to buy, you can enter a number no need to click on the arrows to increase the quantity. After the payment we will contact you ingame and deliver the fusing orbs to you, the important part is to place a random rare item in trade.

Discounts that we offer when purchasing Orbs of Fusing in Path of Exile:

Cart Discount (Applied Automatically):

  • Spend 25$ for a 5% Discount on Checkout.
  • Spend 50$ for a 10% Discount on Checkout.

Lifetime Loyalty Discount (Applied Automatically):

  • The total amount Spend 50$ for 3% Discount on Checkout.
  • The total amount Spend 100$ for 6% Discount on Checkout.
  • The total amount Spend 250$ for 10% Discount on Checkout.

If you have a Coupon Code entered in Cart Page or Checkout Page.

Why should you buy PoE Orbs of Fusing and not farm them?

Fusing orbs are used a lot for crafting, they are a rare drop not like chaos orbs or exalted orbs but still, a lot of farming is required to get them. The easier method is to simply buy them, they are cheap and our delivery is very fast.

What are Orbs of Fusing and how are they used?

Orbs of Fusing are primarily used to modify the linked sockets on an item. If an item has some quality, each 1% quality improves the result by 1%. While the chance of obtaining three or four linked sockets is relatively high, the chance of obtaining five or six linked sockets is very low, and on average requires hundreds or even thousands of attempts.

Fusing orbs can be obtained by crafting but they are mostly obtained by drops from monsters. And they are primarily used for crafting but can be used for trading too.

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