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Did you know you can Buy Cheap currency in Path of Exile?

Yes, you can spend real money in our PoE Currency Shop and we will deliver the items in less than 60min to you ingame.
It's very simple to buy PoE currency select if you want to Buy Chaos Orb, Buy Divine Orb or Buy Exalted Orb enter your ingame name and league, enter the number of orbs in the quantity field and checkout.
In less than 60min we will contact you ingame and finish the trade, it's important not to talk with us ingame and place any low-value rare item in the trade window to simulate a real trade.

Is it safe to buy Path of Exile Currency and can I get Banned?

It's safe to buy from us, we farm the orbs in legit ways like playing the game and not using bots for farming and there is no ban risk for you.
Our above explanation is simply for a secure trade, and an important notice is once you get your bought orbs never trade them back to the trader who gave them to you.
You can buy PoE orbs on PC, Steam and Xbox. We can deliver them on all leagues and servers. When a new season starts the pricing will start high for that league and delivery can take a bit longer, that's why we offer pre-orders once a new league is announced.

What will happen if I can't trade right away after the purchase?

It's not a big problem if you're not ingame we will postpone the trade until you send us an email or contact us on live chat. You can add comments on your order on the checkout page and simply tell us when you're free for trading.

What if I want to buy Fusing Orbs or Alchemy Orbs or any other PoE Currency?

At this moment we sell only Divine, Chaos & Exalted orbs we plan to add more if there is a demand for the other currencies. The good thing is that most players use Divine, Chaos and Exalted for all trading and you can exchange them for any other item or currency easy.

Are there Discounts or Promotions available?

We offer discounts based on your purchase amount, for example, if you spend 50usd or equivalent we offer a 5% discount and if you spend 100usd or more we offer 10% discount, this discount automatically applies during checkout.

How can I pay for PoE Orbs?

When it comes to payment methods for purchasing Cheap PoE Currency we use stripe as our payment provider and they have standard methods like Credit Cards, Google Pay and more along with country-specific payment methods too. We also accept PayPal! If you still have any questions or need support we have a 24/7 support team that can assist you, use our live chat located in the right corner or use our contact us page to send us a message.

Why Should you Buy from PoE Currency Shop?

When we designed and planned our store we wanted to help new and veteran players to enjoy the game more. We know that it takes around 50 playtime hours for 1 single exalted to be dropped if you don't play high-end maps why should you waste time and not enjoy the game, use the orbs to complete your perfect build. When you Buy Cheap PoE Currencies from us you can expect a fast and easy delivery in less than 60min.

What is Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free to play online action role-playing so-called grind game like Diablo 2 developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. An open beta for Microsoft Windows was released in January 2013, and the game was officially released in October 2013. An Xbox One version was released in August 2017.
The player controls a single character from the third perspective and explores large outdoor areas and underground caves or dungeons, battling monsters and fulfilling quests from NPCs to gain experience points and equipment. The game is a Diablo II clone just made better. All areas aside from encampments are randomly generated for increased re-playability. While all players on a single server can freely mingle in encampments, gameplay outside of encampments is highly instanced, providing every player or party with an isolated map to freely explore.

The Path of Exile economy is based on bartering "currency items." Unlike traditional game currencies like cash gold gems etc, these items have their own inherent uses (such as upgrading an item's rarity level, rerolling affixes, or improving an item's quality) and thus provide their own money sinks to prevent inflation. Most of these items are used to modify and upgrade equipment, though some identify items, create portals to town or grant skill refund points.

What are Leagues and where can I Buy Cheap PoE Currency?

The game offers several alternate play modes Currently, the following permanent leagues are available:
Standard – The default gameplay league. Characters who die here respawn in the last city visited (with experience loss on higher difficulties around act 6).
Hardcore – Characters cannot be resurrected but instead respawn back in the Standard league.
Current temporary (challenge) leagues:
Incursion – In the Incursion Challenge League, explorer Alva Valai is searching for the ancient Vaal treasure temple of Atzoatl. Travel back in time to discover the location of the temple and change its history to maximise your reward.
Hardcore Incursion – The hardcore variant of the above challenge league.
Other leagues are usually designed for specific events. They have their own set of rules, item accessibility and aftermath. Racing leagues last between 30 minutes and 1 Month. The permanent leagues have counterpart ladder leagues with different rule sets that last three months.

Does your service work on Consoles?

Yes, you can buy PoE currency orbs on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. The season for consoles usually starts a few weeks later but the buying process is the same.